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Where have I been? Life Update!

Hiii! *dusts off cobwebs from blog site because it’s been a century since I’ve last posted*

I’m sooo excited to be back writing and updating my little corner of the internet! So many things have happened since I was last on here, so grab yourself a nice glass of tea and let’s catch up!  

  1. Brandon and I just recently celebrated our one year anniversary of being MARRIED. In case you don’t follow me on social media, you wouldn’t know, but I married my best friend on March 18, 2017! It was the best day of our lives, seriously. I’m thinking I should do a complete blog post on our wedding day. Let me know if this is something you’d like to hear more about! We traveled to New York City for our anniversary and had the absolute best time! It was my first time visiting the city, so I wanted to do EVERYTHING. Consequently, my feet were telling me to eff off by the 2nd day because of how much we were walking.
  2. I graduated! Finally. I had been attending Brigham Young University for the past two and a half years studying English, and I could not see the light at the end of the tunnel! Lo and behold, I finally made it, and I’m standing in the light, and let me tell ya, there is some great lighting over here. ;) Graduating was such an accomplishment for me and my family! I’m the first person to graduate from a University in our family. Super cool. So – now what? I’m currently working at a Law Office as a Legal Assistant and I’m learning SO MUCH. (Side Note: Nothing like How to Get Away with Murder so, there’s that.) BUT, I just put in my two week’s notice and am starting another job soon that I’m so excited for her! I’ll be doing Social Media Marketing for a health company! More information about that! Stay tuned!
  3. Brandon and I moved to Arizona! Did not see this coming. Brandon and I always planned on staying in Utah until he finished his undergrad, however, God had different plans for us! Brandon is finishing his degree at ASU’s Business College in Supply Chain and Logistics. We moved to Arizona mid-December and we are so lucky to be closer to family!
  4. We got a puppy! Her name is Lola, and she is a MONSTER. A cute monster. But, a monster. Haha! She’s only 7 months old so she is a little ball of energy, but oh my goodness, she has SO much love to give! She is a Portuguese Water Dog – haven’t heard of them? Don’t worry, neither had I until we heard about her parents who were expecting a litter! The way I describe the breed to those who have never heard of them is, think of a Goldendoodle but only, not golden! Ha!
  5. I’m studying for the GRE! (Graduate Record Examinations) I’ve been so back and forth on whether or not I want to get my Master’s degree and I figured, why not study for the GRE, take it, and see where life takes me from there! Are any of you in Grad School? What was the GRE process like for you? It sounds SO intimidating to me!


It’s the beginning of May and I’m still trying to stick to my goals I set at the beginning of the year! Here are a few:

  1. Drink more water

                Drinking water has so many benefits and I want to benefit from them all! I have a 40oz  Hydroflask and I try and drink 2.5 full ones a day! It’s hard, but I’m trying. I’ve honestly seen such an improvement with my skin, increase with energy and digestion! 

  1. Be healthier

                I didn’t want to make it a goal to lose weight because I feel like anytime I associate weight with any type of goal, I set myself up for failure! But – I really want to try and be healthier, both physically, mentally and emotionally! I’ve made it an active choice to choose the healthier options when grocery shopping and setting aside 45 minutes each day to get my heart rate up! It’s so crazy what exercising does, but I’ve really seen it help a lot of my anxiety. 

  1. Travel to two countries I’ve never visited

                Brandon and I really love traveling! We really want to visit Italy or somewhere in Asia this year! What are some of your favorite travel desitations? 





22 Things I've Learned In 22 Years

I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling like a college-student who is still trying to take as many naps possible, travel any chance I get and eat pizza whenever the opportunity arises. In light of my 22nd birthday I have decided to list 22 things I have learned up to this point in my life. Enjoy!

1. Don’t apologize for feeling the way you do
You’re not responsible for the way others react to your feelings. Everyone has different spirits and if we all reacted the same way then we would live in a very boring world. Situations affect each person is a personal way and if we judge those for how they react then we leave no room for authenticity.

2. You're going to lose friends, it’s okay

It’s life. We change and people change and that’s okay. Interests change. Situations change. Lives change. As we grow older we sometimes lose what we once had in common with friends and that leaves nothing to bond about except past memories. Of course we have those few friends from high school that we still are in contact with but as we grow up, we meet new friends in college and in our jobs. I've always said, "I’d rather have four quarters than 100 pennies."

3. Faith is important
Note: Faith not Religion. I think that everyone needs to have some sort of spiritual connection to whatever it is that they believe in. God reveals Himself in time and it is up to us to recognize that and do something about it. I know that organized religion isn’t everyones cup of tea but I do think that God is.

4. Travel at any given opportunity
Learning from a textbook is no where in comparison to learning in a museum or national landmark. I have had the opportunity to travel and visit various countries around the world and be able to learn firsthand about these places and why they are important. Doing so has thrown me into different cultures and lifestyles that I would never have been able to experience through a textbook. Traveling humbles you down and makes you realize it's not all about you. Lots of times people will say, "Traveling is too expensive. I can't afford it." But it comes down to how bad you want it. Do you want that new designer purse or do you want a plane ticket? You decide.

5. If you have the chance to go to sleep early, do it
I know that the next episode of whatever show you’re binge watching on Netflix is probably screaming your name but so is your pillow. I don’t know how many times I’ve missed out on perfect opportunities to sleep early for watching T.V, scrolling through Instagram or texting that one guy. Put the phone away, and enjoy that extra 45 minutes of sleep you can get. You’ll thank me later.

6. Invest in good shoes, jeans and a good mattress
Put your money in places you spend the most time in.

7. Call your mom, a lot
I’m pretty sure I annoy my mom with the amount of times I call her in one day. Moms are our first best friends and they always know best, trust me. They always have our best interest at heart and they only want to help us. In high school I always thought my mom was out to get me but I realized that she was teaching me from experience. Love your mothers and call them any chance you’ve got. They want to hear from you!

Something that I am guilty of is wanting to post every little detail about my life that way everyone knows what it is that I am doing, eating, watching or feeling. Social media can be used positively or negatively and often times it’s easy to get caught up in the negative and post things that shouldn’t be on the internet, ever. The more you keep off the internet the more moments you keep special. Besides, do you really want to live your life behind a 5-inch screen? Live in the moment!

9. Learn how to cook
This is something that I cannot stress enough! Moving away to college has forced me to learn how to cook things I never thought I’d even know how to cook. Knowing how to cook saves you so much money and possibilities of the dreaded Freshman Fifteen. My advice? Ask questions and watch your parent’s cook/grill! It’ll come in handy when you move away and you’ll want to host a dinner night or impress a cute guy on a date.

10. Laugh a lot
Laughing is the best medicine. Learn to laugh at yourself and don’t take life so serious! We all embarrass ourselves once or twice in public but once we learn to laugh at ourselves nothing can stop us from having fun!

11. Create a savings account
This is so important! Having a savings account eliminates the possibility of so many stressful situations. There will be times when we will calculate our money incorrectly, our cars break down or you need to put in a deposit for a new home. Having extra money is never a bad idea and it helps us prepare for our futures. If you haven’t started a savings account – don’t worry. Start off small… every paycheck put aside 20 dollars and you’ll see how quickly it’ll add up!

12. Don't compare your life to others and don't try to keep up with other people's lifestyles
This is the root of false happiness! If we continuously compare our lives to friends and ask ourselves what it is that they have that we don’t we will never be grateful for what we do have. Does this make sense? I know that it’s easy to look at someone and want to match up with their lifestyle but we are not all in the same situation and we can’t always afford the same things. When I was in high school I would always beg my parents to buy me the newest designer purse or jeans to keep up with the lifestyle of my friends but it wasn’t until I started working and making my own money that I realized the sacrifices to have those things take. We must be happy with what we have and still have the motivation to work harder to get the things we want.

13. Love your body! Exercise
I try and remind myself every day that I cant be so hard on myself and that I need to give myself a break for the efforts I make to be a better me. We always hear about self-respect, right? We must respect our bodies and credit it for everything it does. Ways we can thank it? Exercise and eat good food.

14. Grades do not define intelligence
Going to university where you jump for joy when you get a B in a class because it’s basically an A is tough. I’ve always been an A student and it wasn’t until coming to BYU that I started getting lower grades. It was hard for me at first but then I realized that my grades do not making me any less smart. I have a professor who on his syllabus wrote, “I want each of you to know that I believe you to be infinitely precious in God’s eyes… I will need to give you scores on various assignments and a final grade at the end. That grade will not, of course, be a measure of your eternal worth…” Isn’t that awesome? Thanks Brother Young.

15. Know how to change a tire
Girl or boy – this is important. You never know what can happen or what situation you’ll be thrown in. Better to be safe than sorry.

16. Wear sunscreen
The key to staying youthful is sunscreen! Always make sure you purchase a moisturizer with SPF. Your skin will thank you later! Besides, who wants wrinkles?

17. Dogs really are (wo)mans best friend
I don’t know what in the world we did to deserve dogs but they are mans best friend and I can’t help but get so happy when I come across one. If you have the financial means to have a pup in your life I fully encourage you to do so! You will always have a constant companion!

18. Going to a concert is always worth the money
Some of my funnest nights have been at concerts! Concerts are such fun social scenes and they always make for great date nights or girls night out! Being in college I know that sometimes it's hard to take the plunge and buy the tickets but, TIP: If you look for tickets the day before or even the day of you can usually find really good tickets for super cheap!

19. Don't settle
Oh man. I wish every girl knew their worth and what they deserve. I know that sometimes its easy to settle for less and think that what we have in front of us is the best we can get - but the moment we put limitations on ourselves is the minute we stop from progressing. Always remember that you deserve the best and you shouldn’t be with someone or work for someone that thinks otherwise.

20. Don’t hold grudges
There’s a quote that I once read that said, “The first to apologize is the bravest. The first to forgive is the strongest. And the first to forget is the happiest.” Someone has hurt us all once or twice in our lifetimes - but if we hold on to that grudge it prevents us from living a happy life. Once we let go of those grudges we no longer allow it to define our lives.

21. Accidents happen
Something I wish I could tell my 16 year old self. Accidents happen people! Nobody said that life would be easy. It’s important to acknowledge that everything happens for a reason and it’s up to us to decide how we let it affect our lives.

22. Create a life that you love
We have the world at our fingertips! You have the power to create whatever life you want for yourself. All it takes is the willpower to change whatever isn’t working for you and go out and get what it is that you’re dreaming of!

XO, Savannah

The Choices We Make

Sister Montgomery, myself, Elder Carrol and Sister Blair the day of my baptism!

Throughout our lives we are given the opportunity to make choices that either make us or break us. We have the choice to either take what has been thrown at us and allow it to make us into the incredible person we all have the potential to be or to allow it to crumble us up and have it to consume and define us. Throughout my life I have made a series of choices that have led me to my life today. Two years ago today, I made the best choice yet - I made the choice to be baptized and confirmed a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, or as many people say, “Mormons.” My conversion to Christ didn’t start two years ago; it started about 6 years ago. But 2 years ago, I built up the courage to seek out a church and become a part of something far greater than myself.

6 years ago, this November I was in a car accident that changed my life and shaped me into the person I am today. Though I don't have much recollection of the time of the accident I do remember I was angry. Specifically I was angry at God for taking my best friend away from me. Prior to the accident I didn't consider myself a very religious person - I had been baptized Catholic and performed my First Holy Communion as well as Confirmation but I was never really active. I was more of a Cultural Catholic rather than a practicing, devout Catholic. When the car accident happened, I was trapped in a submerged vehicle, filled with water, fighting for my life to find a way out. I needed to breathe but I couldn't find an air pocket. There came a point where I began to curse God and be angry with him for allowing this to happen to a 16 year old... I wasn't ready to die. I began to pray and ask that my mother wouldn't find me dead, that I would find a way out and everything would be okay. My body began to cramp up, (kind of like when we compete with our friends in the pool, seeing who can hold their breath the longest but then our bodies begin to cramp) and I knew that this was it, I was drowning and my body couldn't handle it anymore. I was talking to God and I told him that I accepted this fate, I was okay with His will and to just take away the pain that I was experiencing. At that instant, I felt something push me up to an air bubble that I hadn't found before and I was given a second chance. In the weeks to come I knew that I had to make a choice, a choice to either let this accident define me as a person, or to do good.. to live my life and give my life to God.

Following the accident there were many different church leaders coming in and out of my home, offering their support and prayers to myself and my family. In the following months, I began to attend a nondenominational, Christ-centered Christian Church, and I loved it. I found myself being happier, living with a purpose and having fun. This Christian life-style had become such a huge part of my life that my during my senior year of high school I even applied and was accepted to a Christian College, Biola University. Long story short, Prom came around and I began to fall into the habits of teenage partying and stopped living a Christian Life-style and I stopped attending church and youth group because I was embarrassed. I didn't want to be judged. That was the choice I made. I chose to allow Satan to convince me that I wasn't worthy of God's love and I believed him for about two years.

In May of 2014, I was introduced to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. During that time I was going through the motions of life and didn't really have a purpose. I was attending a community college in my hometown and working part time at a BBQ restaurant. A close friend of mine was dating a Mormon and we would always ask questions about his beliefs and why Mormons believed in certain things they did - such as why Mormons don't drink coffee, alcohol or tea. She was such a great missionary and she wasn't even a member herself! She would always invite me to the Young Single Adults, Family Home Evening nights, which is just another word for Youth Group and her boyfriend was always so willing to answer any question I had. Finally one night, after the many invitations I agreed to go to FHE and coincidentally two sister missionaries were there as well. I remember getting ready to go and had no idea what to wear, I hadn't gone to church to forever and had no idea what I was allowed to wear. I pulled into the Stake Center parking lot and was so scared to get out of the car and while I mustered up the courage to walk in, I was greeted with familiar faces that I recognized from high school! Everyone introduced themselves and was so happy to see me there, it was incredible. After the spiritual thought was given Sister Blair and Sister Montgomery came up to me and introduced themselves. They were so sweet and genuine and I remember telling them, "I'm interested in learning more about the church! Can we start tonight?" I had my first lesson that night, which was about the Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and I loved it. Everything made sense, and the spirit that was felt was so strong. Once the lesson was finished, they asked when they would be able to see me again and I told them I couldn't for at least a week because I had finals. Once my semester was finished sure enough I received a text from the sisters asking me how my finals had gone, and if I could meet soon. The next week we met together everyday and breezed through the lessons and even set a baptism date. I loved them, the sisters, the lessons, the members. I couldn't get enough and everything made sense! I felt myself wanting to change, feeling the spirit and loving the people in my ward. I would go church on Sunday's and I loved the people. Mormons are known as having big families and having grown up an only child for the first 14 year, I loved seeing these families that would take up an entire church pew.

The day before my baptism my mother and I had a huge fall out and she had kicked me out of the house. The adversary was working real hard to try and make this baptism not happen but I refused to let him win. I remember that night I called Sister Blair and Montgomery bawling my eyes out telling them that the baptism wasn't going to happen and they were devastated, they told me that everything was going to be okay, and that I could stay at a members house that night. I didn't want to leave home and I remember telling my mom that I wasn't going to leave my house. I got down on my knees that night and prayed. I prayed for a straight 30 minutes asking God for strength during this time and to soften the heart of my mother because I wanted her to be at my baptism for than anything.

The next day, June 21, 2014 came around and it was the day of my baptism and I was so nervous. I didn't know what to expect and I didn't know if I was making the right decision. No one told me I needed to get to the chapel 30-45 minutes before my baptism so when I was pulling up 5 minutes before my baptism, everyone was freaking out thinking I wasn't going to show. I quickly got there and saw SO MANY members INCLUDING MY MOM in the room with the baptismal font, it made me feel so loved. I quickly changed into the Baptismal Suit, took photos with the sisters and walked into the room. Before I knew it, I was told it was time to be baptized and go into the baptismal font with Elder Carrol, a cute senior missionary who was serving with his wife. Mormons believe in baptism by immersion, which means when you're baptized, your entire body goes under the water, and when you come back up you are clean from any previous sin. When I came up from being baptized I felt light as a feather. I felt like I was on cloud 9 and I couldn't believe this overpowering spirit that I felt. I knew that the struggles I had gone through before, happened to lead me to this exact moment. I looked to the crowd and could see the joy they had in their eyes and I just started to cry. I was so happy. I knew that this choice was the choice that would change my life and allow me to become the women I was meant to be.

Since that day, so much has changed. I moved to Utah to attend BYU, something I never would have imagined myself doing. I've lived in a different country because of the opportunities this church has provided me with. I've met amazing people who help strengthen my testimony and continue to be examples to me. MY MOM EVEN GOT BAPTIZED!!! I am so thankful for this church and all of the happiness it has provided me with. I am so excited to see what these next two years have in store for me and to find out the adventure that this life has is. I know that God knows me perfectly and loves me, and he loves you too!

Thank you for reading!

XO, Savannah