Where have I been? Life Update!

Hiii! *dusts off cobwebs from blog site because it’s been a century since I’ve last posted*

I’m sooo excited to be back writing and updating my little corner of the internet! So many things have happened since I was last on here, so grab yourself a nice glass of tea and let’s catch up!  

  1. Brandon and I just recently celebrated our one year anniversary of being MARRIED. In case you don’t follow me on social media, you wouldn’t know, but I married my best friend on March 18, 2017! It was the best day of our lives, seriously. I’m thinking I should do a complete blog post on our wedding day. Let me know if this is something you’d like to hear more about! We traveled to New York City for our anniversary and had the absolute best time! It was my first time visiting the city, so I wanted to do EVERYTHING. Consequently, my feet were telling me to eff off by the 2nd day because of how much we were walking.
  2. I graduated! Finally. I had been attending Brigham Young University for the past two and a half years studying English, and I could not see the light at the end of the tunnel! Lo and behold, I finally made it, and I’m standing in the light, and let me tell ya, there is some great lighting over here. ;) Graduating was such an accomplishment for me and my family! I’m the first person to graduate from a University in our family. Super cool. So – now what? I’m currently working at a Law Office as a Legal Assistant and I’m learning SO MUCH. (Side Note: Nothing like How to Get Away with Murder so, there’s that.) BUT, I just put in my two week’s notice and am starting another job soon that I’m so excited for her! I’ll be doing Social Media Marketing for a health company! More information about that! Stay tuned!
  3. Brandon and I moved to Arizona! Did not see this coming. Brandon and I always planned on staying in Utah until he finished his undergrad, however, God had different plans for us! Brandon is finishing his degree at ASU’s Business College in Supply Chain and Logistics. We moved to Arizona mid-December and we are so lucky to be closer to family!
  4. We got a puppy! Her name is Lola, and she is a MONSTER. A cute monster. But, a monster. Haha! She’s only 7 months old so she is a little ball of energy, but oh my goodness, she has SO much love to give! She is a Portuguese Water Dog – haven’t heard of them? Don’t worry, neither had I until we heard about her parents who were expecting a litter! The way I describe the breed to those who have never heard of them is, think of a Goldendoodle but only, not golden! Ha!
  5. I’m studying for the GRE! (Graduate Record Examinations) I’ve been so back and forth on whether or not I want to get my Master’s degree and I figured, why not study for the GRE, take it, and see where life takes me from there! Are any of you in Grad School? What was the GRE process like for you? It sounds SO intimidating to me!


It’s the beginning of May and I’m still trying to stick to my goals I set at the beginning of the year! Here are a few:

  1. Drink more water

                Drinking water has so many benefits and I want to benefit from them all! I have a 40oz  Hydroflask and I try and drink 2.5 full ones a day! It’s hard, but I’m trying. I’ve honestly seen such an improvement with my skin, increase with energy and digestion! 

  1. Be healthier

                I didn’t want to make it a goal to lose weight because I feel like anytime I associate weight with any type of goal, I set myself up for failure! But – I really want to try and be healthier, both physically, mentally and emotionally! I’ve made it an active choice to choose the healthier options when grocery shopping and setting aside 45 minutes each day to get my heart rate up! It’s so crazy what exercising does, but I’ve really seen it help a lot of my anxiety. 

  1. Travel to two countries I’ve never visited

                Brandon and I really love traveling! We really want to visit Italy or somewhere in Asia this year! What are some of your favorite travel desitations? 





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